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John Tonkin and Associates is a skills development and
consultancy business with extensive experience
in the fluid movement and control industry.

We are guided by values of service excellence, innovation and effective knowledge transfer. Ultimately, we believe that these are the values that will lead to measurable improvements in your organisation.

JTA specialises in the development of skills programs aimed at improving skills, productivity and reducing costs. Our aim is to give our delegates the confidence to handle their day to day workplace challenges in a positive and constructive manner.



On the consultancy side, JTA works with members of your organisation to carry out third party reviews of project designs, in addition to executing Root Cause of Failure Analyses (RCA) and forensic investigations of repair services. Contact JTA

Open programs

Draw delegates from a diverse range of industries. While the material covers the technicalities of the individual components of the fluid movement market, each delegate is actively encouraged to share his/her workplace experiences and challenges. Contact JTA

In-house programs

The advantages of arranging company specific skills development courses are many and varied. Should your company wish to benefit from JTA's in-depth experience with this very cost-effective and rewarding form of training, we would welcome the opportunity to design a development program that will show measurable results Contact JTA. 


Practical Application of Learning

As part of the assessment process we offer a post-course assignment where delegates survey a system back in their working environment and submit a report to JTA for comment. Delegates have to detail what their findings are and what the potential savings will accrue to the company should their recommendations be implemented. This is a key component in the learning and behaviour change process. In addition, the company is able to measure its return on the funds invested in the program.

Contact us for more details on this innovative approach to skills development. We would enjoy sharing some of our recent successes.


Ready to see some positive behaviour change in your organisation?